Sports Therapy & Massage

Our therapist works with people from all walks of life, with pain or dysfunction, from athletes to 'weekend warriors' or office workers to operations teams... Massage treats the soft tissues, including muscles, fascia and tendons, to help speed-up recovery, provide pain relief, improve posture and help with mobility. A range of techniques are used from Soft Tissue Manipulation (massage), Trigger Point Therapy and more movement based therapies are used in the sessions. 


Sports and Remedial Massage has many benefits for those who are involved in sport at any level. From helping to reduce swelling, to event preparation and assisting recovery massage is a great way to improve your sporting performance.



Your first session will last around 60 minutes. Starting with a clinical orthopaedic assessment, to discover range of movement in your muscles and joints.

As previously mentioned the treatment can involve a range of techniques, some where you are still, others where you have to move. Treatment can take place sitting, standing, or lying on your front, back or side. Our therapist will always give you advice on self care, and possibly also exercises to do at the end of your session.


£45.00 (PER 60 MIN. SESSION)  

Initial assessment with the sports therapist, including a thorough history taking and treatment.


£45.00 (PER 50 MIN. SESSION)

Follow up treatment lasting approximately 50 minutes.