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Shockwave Therapy:

Radial shockwave therapy is used for fast pain relief and mobility restoration. This treatment can help accelerate therecovery of soft tissue injuries in the lower limb such as plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis for example.

For successful treatment it is recommended you should have four to eight sessions.

Patient Benefits:

  • Reduced Pain

  • Better Mobility

  • Faster recovery time


Initial Appointment £70.00 (Approximately 50 mins)
Assessment, treatment and treatment plan.
Follow-Up Appointments £70.00 (Approximately 20 mins)
Continuation of Shockwave treatment.
Shockwave and Soft Tissue Therapy Combined £80.00 (Approximately 50 mins)
Multidisciplined approach combining Shockwave Therapy with Soft Tissue Therapy and Injury Rehabilitation.
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